What Life Coaching means to me is that I have finally arrived at a point in my life whereas I know I am fulfilling My Purpose and My Destiny.

I have been spending my recent weeks pursuing my Life Coaching certification; and now, I sometimes wonder why I had not done this sooner.  But it’s ALL GOOD! I know that all things happen in perfect timing, whether we accept this circumstance of life or not. Thus, I am now on a mission to help others find their path to divine timing as well. Most importantly, I am especially dedicated to helping them find purpose-driven success.

Still, I’m only human. And that means my mind sometimes reverts to old habits just as yours does. I begin to fall into thought patterns that causes me to criticize myself for mistakes, procrastinating, and not seeing situations for what they are, even when evidence is staring me right in my face. However, I quickly move on and press forward, fully leaning into my own goals, because I know the present and every breath we take are always gifts we must cherish and revel in. Every day is always a moment to do things you have never done before. I just love it when I see the twinkle in people’s eyes when they realize this universal truth as well!

Life Coaching is something I have always done in some way, shape, or form. As I worked day in and day out throughout my corporate initiatives and my entrepreneurship endeavors, I became my clients’ and customers’ champion. In fact, there is nothing that fulfills me more than helping people realize their potential in ways they’ve never understood it. You could say it’s a gift of mine. What I offer to all those I work with—all those whom are willing to listen—is creative empowerment infused with structured techniques.

Helping and empowering others is in my DNA. My whole life has been dedicated to it for as far back as I can remember. When I was in elementary school grades 5 and 6, I remember my mother bringing me to school very early in the morning because she was a teacher’s aide. I had time to burn, so I decided to the join the team of Patrol Kids so that I could help the younger kids walking to school cross the streets and stay in the lines of the crosswalks. When I got to junior and high school, I found myself accumulating lots of academic awards and honorable mentions for maintaining a near 4.0 Grade Point Average. Other students often asked me how I was able to do so well in school, and many of them looked up to me. Soon after I started attending college classes at Xavier University of Louisiana, I took a job in the Math Tutoring Center. To this very day, I consider that job to be one of the best I’ve had. I allowed me to see how impactful I could be in peoples’ lives. While I studied hard and did my best in my own physics and engineering coursework, I worked that job until the semester I graduated with bachelors degrees from both Xavier University of Louisiana and the University of New Orleans. I loved that job because I enjoyed helping people solve problems. They were students who hated their math and physics classes, but they had to pass them to graduate. There was nothing more fulfilling to me than getting them to understand different ways of learning and methodologies to solve their tough problems.

Today, I still find myself enjoying the work I do help people succeed! Over the years, I’ve collected a wealth of experience spanning corporate leadership and project management efforts, freelance entrepreneurship initiatives and startups, and even nonprofit development and fundraising activities. And it never fails: I always find myself encouraging others to persevere and push through their problems. I’ve never stopped urging people to look inside themselves and realize they can accomplish wondrous things beyond their imaginations, as long as they apply their minds, hearts, and individuality to their life’s goals. Life Coaching is the next step of my evolution. Without a doubt in my mind, I know that “I Exist to Inspire,” and I am now ready to officially move into yet another role in life as a Success Strategist and Certified Life Coach. What this means for my clients is that they can move beyond fear, and move into multifaceted and unbridled success with the same resilience I’ve worked so hard to embody.  Now let’s you and I get going with coaching!


Daymond, "The Original Plurapreneur®"