Personal Branding 101
Learn the Components of Personal Branding, and Rule the World!

The art and power of personal branding are immensely important to me. That's because I have first-hand experience benefitting from the results of my own personal branding. I have also helped my business graphics and branding clients achieve success through their improved personal branding! Yet, I know how difficult it is to adequately manage a personal brand. With so many ideas, tips, and suggestions floating around online and in the overall media, people just don't have a clue where they should start to personally brand themselves.

BRANDING is one of the best buzz words of modern society, even though most people struggle to wrap their minds around what a brand really is. 

My Personal Branding 101 Training is a special gem of within my coaching and training offerings. It was developed as a result of all the fantastic work I’ve done branding my clients. Most importantly, it also takes into account the brainy strategies I use to adequately brand myself! My Training Topics primarily cover the following items:

  • What is a Brand, Business vs. Personal?
  • Why is a Personal Brand Important?
  • What are the Many Components of a Personal Brand?
  • Where do You Start with Personal Branding?

During this training, students are strongly encouraged to participate, as I ask questions and help my students gain insights and new perspectives regarding themselves and their currently established personal brands.

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