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I am The Original Plurapreneur®

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"I Exist to Inspire . . ."

Daymond E. Lavine, CLC

Hello, my name is Daymond E. Lavine, CLC aka Daymond "The Brands," aka Daymond "The Closer," aka "The Branding Guru" . . .
aka "The Original Plurapreneur®."

They say our high school years shape the rest of our lives. I was nominated in the categories of “Most Attractive Guy,” “Best Dressed Guy,” and “Most Likely to Succeed” as I proudly marched toward my graduation day at Opelousas High School in Central Louisiana. However, I won “Most Likely to Succeed,” and it was no surprise to any of my fellow classmates. I was a honor roll student, and I graduated second in my high school class as Salutatorian with a 4.0+ GPA. Afterwards, I went on to obtain my Bachelor’s Degree in Physics from Xavier University of Louisiana and a secondary Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of New Orleans. Thus, I am now a successful Systems Engineer with the Lockheed Martin Corporation leading fantastic efforts, while thriving with several of my own freelance businesses. It seems that word success has stuck with me to this very moment of life. And it’s all because I dared not subscribe to the notion of limitations.

Still, I’m just like everyone else. My positive attitude is not immune to disappointment and failures. It is not exempt to sadness, fear, and relationship disruptions.

I have suffered through moments involving a lack of motivation in life, fears of not knowing my purpose, disappointments due to unrealistic relationship expectations, and misalignments between my career trajectories and life desirables. Yet, I manage to turn every moment in my life to an opportunity for growth, learning, and evolution!

I am The Original Plurapreneur®. My life has evolved and expanded to further serve as a Success Strategist and Certified Life Coach groomed by experience and education to help you rise to your higher self. My Success Strategy and Life Coaching methods are firmly rooted in techniques to help you gain new perspective and insights about yourself. I’ll help you move on beyond the blocks and fears preventing you from reaching your goals . . . just as I have learned to do. Believe me, I am no stranger to aiming high and getting things done. So, I am here to help you restructure your thoughts, patterns, and mindset for attaining the life that you desire.